An improved robot for bridge inspection

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An improved robot for bridge inspection

Jul 2 2017

This paper presents a significant improvement from the previous version, presented at ISARC 2016. The robot is now equipped with low-cost cameras and a 2D laser scanner, which is used to monitor and survey a bridge bearing. The robot is capable of localising by combining data from a pre-surveyed 3D model of the space with real-time data collection in-situ. Autonomous navigation is also performed using the 2D laser scanner in a mapped environment. The Robot Operating System (ROS) framework is used to integrate data collection and communication for navigation.

Harriet Peel, Shan Luo, Anthony Cohn, Raul Fuentes (2017). An Improved Robot for Bridge Inspection. Proceedings of: 34th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (IAARC, 2017). 663–670. Read publication.

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