Engineering liveable, resilient, sustainable cities using foresight

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Engineering liveable, resilient, sustainable cities using foresight

Nov 1 2018

This paper shows how civil engineers can build better cities through a deeper understanding of the future benefits, resilience and value of their proposed urban infrastructure solutions. Three practical, foresight-based assessment methods are introduced and, for the first time, combined into a coherent design process founded on systems thinking. Based on data derived from a portfolio of research programmes, the University of Birmingham’s 2014 Future Urban Living report and the findings from the UK government’s Foresight Future of Cities project, they represent a synthesis of 15 years of research into sustainable, resilient and liveable cities. The three scenario-based methods provide a robust way for civil engineers to determine the likely performance and value of any future urban infrastructure scheme.

Rogers CDF (2018) Engineering future liveable, resilient, sustainable cities using foresight. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Civil Engineering 171(6): 3–9, Doi:10.1680/jcien.17.00031. Read publication.

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