Photo of 3D printing drone on cracked asphalt slab

Road-repair prototype in action

Sep 11 2018

ITV news watchers were given a glimpse of the future with a demonstration of the Self-Repairing Cities prototype road-repair drone. The drone is being developed to recognise cracks in the road and then 3D print asphalt to repair them before they turn into potholes. This will reduce problems that commuters face everyday, such as the potholes themselves and their subsequent road closures for maintenance and repair.

The system is demonstrated by Prof Rob Richardson and Dr Bilal Kaddouh, University of Leeds, who have worked on putting together the drone platform for the system. The asphalt 3D printer used on the prototype has been developed Self-Repairing Cities members Dr Richard Jackson and Prof Mark Miodownik at UCL.

Watch the video on ITV news site.

This news item was originally broadcast on 27th August in the ITV regions Yorkshire, Tyne Tees, Meridian, West Country and Anglia.

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