Briefing on RAS for resilient infrastructure white paper

Image representing technological challenges in infrastructure robotics

Briefing on RAS for resilient infrastructure white paper

Dec 22 2017

This paper presents an extended briefing of the recently published UK-Robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) network White Paper in RAS for resilient infrastructure. It aims at setting out a vision of what RAS systems will be able to deliver in infrastructure, what are the current barriers and challenges to achieve that vision and what can the UK Government do to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront in this field.

Raul Fuentes, Timothy Chapman, Michael Cook, Jim Scanlan, Shibin Li, Robert Richardson (2017) Briefing: UK-RAS white paper in robotics and autonomous systems for resilient infrastructure Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Smart Infrastructure and Construction. 170 (3) 72-79. Doi: 10.1680/jsmic.17.00013. Read publication.

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