Journey to the city of tomorrow: a panel discussion

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Journey to the city of tomorrow: a panel discussion

Oct 19 2017

More than half the world’s population live in cities. Around the globe, urban areas are rapidly growing and changing. How can we ensure that cities work for everyone who lives and works in them? Ford motor company has held a series of events to explore new opportunities and experiments to keep inhabitants moving, including a New Scientist panel discussion in London. This brought together Ford’s Sarah-Jayne Williams, UCL’s Mark Miodownik, New Scientist‘s Valerie Jamieson (chair), physicist Laurie Winkless, and Chris Sheldrick from What3Words, in order to discuss technologies that promises to keep our ever-growing cities on the move.

Sarah-Jayne Williams, Mark Miodownik, Valerie Jamieson, Laurie Winkless; Chris Sheldrick (2017) Journey to the city of tomorrow. New Scientist 236 (3149), 20-21. Read publication.


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