Effect of light and noise on speech and gesture control for aerobots

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Effect of light and noise on speech and gesture control for aerobots

Jun 25 2018

This paper discusses the research work conducted to quantify the effective range of lighting levels and ambient noise levels in order to inform the design and development of a multimodal speech and visual gesture (mSVG) control interface for the control of a UAV. Noise level variation from 55 dB to 85 dB is observed under control lab conditions to determine where speech commands for a UAV fails, and to consider why, and possibly suggest a solution around this. Similarly, lighting levels are varied within the control lab condition to determine a range of effective visibility levels. The limitation of this work and some further work from this were also presented.

Abioye, Ayodeji, Opeyemi, Prior, Stephen, Thomas, Trevor, Saddington, Peter and Ramchurn, Sarvapali (2018) Quantifying the effects of varying light-visibility and noise-sound levels in practical multimodal speech and visual gesture (mSVG) interaction with aerobots. In IEEE International Conference on Applied System Innovation (IEEE ICASI) 2018. IEEE. 4 pp, pp. 842-845. Doi:10.1109/ICASI.2018.8394395. Further details.

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